der Aufbau von McDomus in der Ludwiggalerie

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The Opening of the exhibition «At Home» in Gallery Ludwig, castle Oberhausen was in May 2012. Ateliers Stark, Berlin, are part of it - with a huge yellow sculpture just right in front of the Gallery. He exhibition is running until mid September!

The sculpture McDomus is the every-day rubbish of our wealthy society, all in yellow, as yellow is the colour of quick consumption, of big chains and of huge producers of furniture. All of their products have a half-life period of 1 hour (fast food) to estimated 5 years (furniture).

Size: 6,90 [l] x 2,35 [b] x 4,55 [h]

We would like to thank Nina Dunkmann, the curator of the exhibition, for inviting us, Containerservice HESSE from Oberhausen for the container and everyone who helped building the sculpture- Guido, Michael, Luana and Marzio!